“You don’t need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely.”

We all meet people everyday. Some at work, at school, or while taking a bus or subway. Sometimes, the conversation is brief, and it ends as fast as it started. People will wander into our lives, stay for a while, and then disappear. But some of those meetings aren’t meant to last, they are only temporary. But when you meet a person, and there is an instant connection between you, I have to wonder, is it destiny showing it’s hand?

As a women, it’s not always easy finding another female friend that will be honest and sincere with me. At work, some only want to be “friendly”, because they think that they might need your help one day. There’s nothing worst than a women acting as if she likes you, and then finding out that she’s talking shit behind your back to anyone that will listen. Chances are, we’ve all known someone like that. Some people are only happy if they are tearing others down, and making someone miserable makes themselves feel superior. It’s really very tragic. But then, luck or fate happens. You meet someone, and everything flows. It’s like magic. The conversations are off the charts. You laugh at the same things. You may even blush a little, and that’s fine. You connect on a level that only happens in the movies. This connection isn’t with a Tom Cruise type, or a George Clooney. It’s with another female. Who knew?

Say, what? No way! Are you kidding? Nope. I am not kidding, or pulling your false eyelashes off. I’m completely serious.

I know. I’m talking from a recent experience of my own. I met a woman, who I never would have thought I would have been friends with. At first, we appear to be very different. I’m a city girl, she’s a country girl. She’s a mother of two beautiful kids, I’m a mom of two beautiful cats. Where she enjoys hanging out with multiple friends, I’d rather stay indoors, alone. At least most of the time. I love to read, she’d rather watch a movie based on a book.  But all of that is just what’s on the surface.

After many conversations, we’ve learned that we both care deeply about helping others, to the point of putting others needs before our own. We both like the same types of music. We’ve each been hurt in love, but have learned from the experiences. Our conversations can, and have been, about anything and everything. Some have been serious, some have been silly. Nothing is off the table, but we know that there are limits. And the best thing about all of this, is that we both feel the same way. For whatever the reason, we’ve met, and we have a connection that we can’t explain. And there’s nothing weird, or awkward about it. In fact, it’s refreshing to feel this way about someone else. It’s all about the connection.

Wait, maybe it’s weird, because it’s not weird. Oh well.


Whatever happens, wherever this friendship goes, I’m along for the ride. Going with the flow, man…or in this case, WOman!





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