Little Gestures Mean Everything!

Image result for pictures of kind gestures with women receiving flowers

“Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.” – quote by Francois Rabelais

Every morning, my co-worker brings me a cup of hot tea and sweetener. I’ve never asked for it, but they know that I like tea, so they bring me a cup each morning to my desk. This is such a nice little gesture, and it always touches me that this person does this for me. It just re-enforces me that kindness does exist.

So I got to thinking, what are some nice gestures that people have done for me lately? And what are some small gestures that I’ve done for others?  Well, below are a few samples of these gestures, and I hope you like a few of them to try!

  • Buying lunch for someone unexpectedly. This is always nice, especially if you see that a co-worker is extremely busy, and may not have the time to get their own lunch.
  • Offer a ride to someone that needs a lift. Yes, I know, there’s Urber’s everywhere! But it would still be nice to offer a friend a lift, and if it’s not out of your way, great!
  • Treat a stranger to a cup of coffee. Now, this one I recently did and it felt so good doing it. I was driving through a Starbucks, and when I got to the window, I asked the girl what the car behind me ordered, and she said a latte and a danish. I told her that I wanted to pay for them, and to let them know that I just wanted to start their day off with some kindness.
  • Send someone a random text that you’re thinking of them. Not because it’s their birthday, or anything like that. Just to let them know that you thought enough to just say “Hi”.
  • Give a handwritten note. These I’ve always liked both giving and receiving. There are so many unique and fun cards on the market these days, it’s nice to pick the perfect card that matches someones personality, and could brighten their day.
  • Give unexpected small gifts or treats. I do this often for my co-workers, and sometimes I bring them small candies, buy them a soda, or maybe a gift card to say thank you for doing a great job.

Then, there’s more intimate gestures, ones that can be shared with those that you care for, maybe someone that you love. I love it when sitting on a sofa with someone, and without saying a single word, their bare foot touches yours. Silly, I know, but I love this. There’s also randomly hugging someone that may have had a bad day, or experiencing some type of personal grief. A hug says a lot, and often takes the place of words.

A kind gesture can be as simple as making someone else dinner, or treating them to a nice dinner out on the town. You can help someone carry their bags if they appear to be too heavy for them. Maybe you know someone that is elderly, and they need to have something picked up from the store for them. Could you find the time to help someone else in need?

There are people that are just lonely, that maybe all they need  is someone to call and talk to them, doesn’t have to be about anything really. Just to have a conversation with another human being. Talking and listening to someone does’t cost anything. But paying attention to someone else can be priceless.

We all have our good days, and our not so good days. Sometimes, all someone may need is a random act of kindness. We hear this all the time, but we need to act on it a bit more. I’d like to believe that the reason that I’m here, is to help others. Sometimes it’s with gifts, sometimes it’s by being a good listener, and sometimes it’s just holding their hand, and telling them that things will be okay. It’s the smallest gestures sometimes that are worth the most. I know they mean the most to me.


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