Being Smitten At Any Age

Quote – “And the fear of falling in love with somebody, I realized, is itself already silent love.”


It can happen when you least expected it. You meet someone new, you start having conversations, then those conversations turn into hour long talks, and you both laugh about the same things. You find yourself thinking about this person all the time. You could be staring at a napkin, and it would still remind you of them. Every time you think of them, it brings a smile to your face. You started out as friends, and then one day, you realize what’s happened. You have fallen completely, madly, and just smitten in love with them. So now what?

This isn’t just a problem for the young, it’s a problem for the young at heart, and anyone that has a heart! I can remember being 16 years old, I met someone who was 21 years old. We started going out, and it was all new to me. I felt things that I never felt before. It was young, fresh, exciting, and I experienced life in a way that was very new to me. Then, I felt this way again at 18 years old, with someone “else”, and once again, I was just head over heels in love with them. And then, years later, it was over. It happened again at 23, and then again at 30 years old. But those feelings of butterflies in the stomach, rushing to pick up the phone because you know it’s them, going to bed with thoughts of them on your mind, those emotions keep happening again, and again. The fact that I’m older, has nothing to do with my emotions.

I talked with a friend of mine today, and she was telling me that she was completely “smitten” over someone new that she met, and I could hear it in her voice. Everything was, “he’s so cute when he laughs!”, “and he smells so good”. It was as if she were a high school student, who’s falling hard for the football quarterback. But my friend is 41 years old, and he’s 59 years old. Yet, she talked about this new relationship as if falling in love was a new experience for her, and in a way, it is. When you meet someone new, even though you’ve done all the basics before, the first dinner date, the first movie, the first time you do a sports thing together, its with a new person. You have no idea how this person is going to react to your actions. Maybe you cry at movies, and maybe they might find that to be annoying. Or, just maybe, it may make them think that you’re super sensitive, and they like that about you. Who knows? But it’s all going to be new experiences, and someone’s age has nothing to do with it.

I also talked to someone at work today, and we had a brief conversation about love. He said that he’d been married three times, and he that he no longer believed in falling in love with anyone. So, I asked him if he were currently dating anyone, and he said, “sure, but I don’t expect to let them get the wrong idea about what this is.” He, gave up on finding love again. And maybe for him, living like that works, but it wouldn ‘t work for me. I’ve been hurt in love too, but I’d never give up on love. That would be like giving up breathing! Even if it hurts sometimes, and I know, it can really, REALLY hurt sometimes, I still believe in love. I really do.

Seeing people in love, brings a smile to my face. It doesn’t matter if it’s teenagers, or seniors. Being smitten  with someone else, warms my heart, and feeds my soul. And especially when falling in love is totally unexpected, it’s amazing. When you just look into the eyes of that special someone, and you see everything you need to see, and you feel that you can trust them with all of your emotions, your dreams, your deepest fears, nothing beats that.

When you feel that you can let your guard down, show the real you, and know that they will still love you, no matter what else may happen, that’s worth holding on to.

If you find that, then you too, may just be smitten with someone. And that’s cool.




One thought on “Being Smitten At Any Age

  1. Hey Stormgirl, I feel the same way about love. It’s almost like when you meet someone new that you’re now in their world, everything does feel different with them! I’d never give up on love either, I guess I’m sort of a hopeless romantic, but I feel like everybody needs love. We weren’t meant to do it alone!


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