Crafts Help Keep Me Sane!

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“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.” – quote by Elizabeth Zimmermann

Someone recently told me that knitting is for old people, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. Even my own mother, who does not knit, couldn’t understand why I enjoy knitting so much. Not only do I like to knit, which I’ve only been doing for about 6 months now, but I also like to sew, and crochet. Now, because I enjoy doing these things, does that qualify me as a old fuddy-duddy? I really don’t think so. And, I couldn’t care less if that’s what people think anyway. I love

I was taught to crochet when I was about 15 years old, from a very kind lady who lived in the same building as me. She was sitting in the lounge area crocheting and I asked her to show me how, and three days later I was “hooked”. *sorry*

Then, while looking at yarn in a Joann’s Fabric store, I saw rows and rows of beading and jewelry supplies. Those fancy little shiny things caught my eye, and next think I knew, I was purchasing books on how to make your own jewelry. It was crazy! I was going to beading stores all over Los Angeles to shop for beads. My cats were finding every fallen bead on the floor, and playing with them all hours of the night. I was making earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for every female I knew. Crazy.

Few years later, I got interested in sewing. Never made anything except throw blankets, but then I got into quilting, and that was wonderful! I ended up making my very first quilt with my mother-in-law, so I have those nice memories of doing that with her. And that first year, I was able to give out some nice looking quilts for birthdays, and Christmas.

So, now, my “thing”, is knitting. I had some spare time, and so I looked up places that teaches knitting, and the first place I happened to find was perfect! I found the cutest knitting store close by, and the teacher was, and is, amazing! I can’t even explain how happy I am as soon as I walk in the door to her store. It’s like walking into an old friends house, with other friends, drinking coffee or wine, laughing, and knitting. It’s more than just knitting, it’s being creative, it’s being social, and yes, it can be extremely refreshing and calming.

I’m someone that has that nervous energy, and I need to always be doing something. Especially with my hands, so that’s why all of these hobbies are good for me. But they also keep me calm. When I’m knitting, and I’m alone, I like to go to Youtube, find one of those beautiful, rainy, thunderstorm videos to put on the television, so it feels like I’m sitting in the mountains, looking out a window, with the rain falling down. This to me, is very relaxing. I can chose to turn off the volume of my phone, or not. This is my quiet time, and I very seldom get it as often as my life will allow.

Is my bedroom filled with totes of fabrics, and yarn? Yes, and it’s all tucked into a corner that isn’t bothering anyone. In fact, the cats love sleeping on top them, the higher stacked the better! Do I get excited when I receive a email that yarn is going on sale? Yup, I sure do! And when I’m at a thrift store, do I look for yarn bargains? When I’m smart, I do. Sure, like any other hobby, yarn can be expense. I’ve paid up to $30.00 for one skein of yarn, but it was well worth the money, and it was beautiful when it was knitted into something, and made for a wonderful personal gift. But the prices of yarn vary so much, depending on the type of yarn you need, the amount, etc.

And that’s something else that I love about being someone that loves to craft, and make things by hand. Anyone can go out and buy a wool sweater, or a beaded necklace, or a crocheted baby blanket. But I think that it means so, so much more when it’s made by someone. That someone took the time and care to pick out all the right colors, or beads, or whatever they needed to make someone something with their own hands. It’s not all the time, but when time and money allows, it’s just something nice to do for someone that you care about. I’m even thinking of just making a bunch of scarfs for the next winter or cold season, and then donating them to shelters for anyone that wants one. It’s not a lot, but it’s something.

So go ahead. Call me an old lady because I do these crafty things, I really don’t mind at all. These things make me happy. Making things for people, makes me smile. I’ll never be a scientist, or a lawyer, but I’ll knit you a blanket or shawl that you’ll use with pride! And maybe, when I am officially an old lady, I’ll be lucky enough to be sitting in a rocking chair, up in the mountains, listening to the rain, and still able to knit.







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