Longing For Some Romance?

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“There is perhaps no more rewarding romance heroine than she who is not expected to find love. The archetype comes in many disguises – the wallflower, the spinster, the governess, the single mom – but always with one sad claim: Love is not in her cards.” – quote by Sarah MacLean

I’ll start by saying that we all need a little romance in our lives. There will be some that will deny that, but I think that’s simply just not true. Maybe you’re someone that has love in your life, but being loved doesn’t mean that you have romance in your life. Yes, I know. It’s nice to say that being with someone that’s dependable is better, and don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing to be. We all need to have someone in our lives that we can depend on, or to offer us a strong shoulder that we can cry on if needed. But for me, I want both types to love me, not just the ones that will do the laundry with me, or fix my remote control. I want someone that will hold my hand as we’re walking down the street, write me little love note and put it in my purse for me to find it later. These are things that I do for someone, so is it asking too much to want them done for me?

And yes, there are other qualities in a person that are important, being loyal, that’s a really good one. Being supportive, another strong front runner. Someone that makes me laugh, that’s always been a top three necessity for me. If someone is too serious most of the time, where’s the fun? But why can’t we also have some romance?

The other day, I was driving home from work, and I plugged in my iPhone to the car, and the first four songs that came on, were ALL love songs. As I started to listen to the first one, a country song, I thought, “well, that’s sweet. He thinks about his gal all during the day.” The entire song was about how much he thinks about her, how he can’t wait to see her, and how much he loves her. Nice song, touching. Then the next song was a slow, love-sick pop song. The girl was singing about how her guy brings her flowers for no reason, and he starts her a bath with candles, and rose pedals, and that he takes her to levels of pleasure that no one has ever done before. Ok, so that’s really nice. I’d like rose pedals in a tub too. But, I don’t even have a tub that fits anyone over 4 feet tall! Then, the songs go down from there, and they star to make me think, “well, crap! I want those things too!” Since I knew that my evening wasn’t going to be anywhere CLOSE to having any romance in it, I ended up searching for a new song, and I picked something by Linkin Park. Trust me when I say, that the song choice was anything but romantic, but still, a very good song. It just didn’t make me think of love or roses, but just the opposite. So, I chose well. The drive home was much easier, and I got home a lot faster too.

I went home, and thought, “wow”. I have absolutely NO romance in my life! NONE! And I thought, well, shit, that kinda sucks, doesn’t it? Oh well. *takes a deep breath*

I’m not asking for a private jet plane to take me to New York City for dinner and a play. I don’t expect two dozen long stem roses to be delivered to my job for no reason. The crazy romance we see in the movies isn’t real life, but it’s eye-candy, and it’s attractive. It give’s us those warm and fuzzy feelings that love is supposed to do! It’s exciting! It’s a turn on! It should make our hearts throb so hard, that it feels like it will jump out of our bodies! (okay, give me a moment, that’s a bit much, but you get what I mean).

Don’t be afraid to ask for some romance too, after all, some people do need a hint, and some hints need to be bigger than others. But, request it in a nice, friendly way. Don’t be demanding. No one whats to be romantic with a bitch, and if they do, that’ a whole different type of blog. Just remind that special someone in you life that you need to feel that you’re special too. In some cases, this hint will work. And then, be romantic in return. Be creative. Plan that nice candlelit dinner for the two of you. Get a babysitter for the kids. Kiss their hand, or tell them you love them for no reason. Being romantic is a two way street. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get and keep those magical moments over and over again, or when you least expect it.

And then maybe, you can listen to more love songs, and not feel envious as much. You may even find yourself singing along. Maybe the fantasy can become a part of reality, if only for a few moments. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.








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