Japanese Street Style Looks

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“Everyone has their own style. It’s unique; no one person’s style is wrong.” – quote by Justine Skye
Some may be asking, what the heck is Japanese Street Style Look? Well, as far as I can tell, it’s a very fun, creative, and extremely cute and avant-garde way to dress up, and I for one, just love it!
Image result for pictures of japanese street style looks             Image result for pictures of japanese street style looks
There are many different styles of Japanese street style fashion, and all of them are extreme and unique. There’s Decora, Harajuku (not dead, sorry), Rock style, etc.
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What I love most is the fact that these young women are not afraid of what others may think of their looks. They are truly happy being who they are, and they want to experiment with clothes, colors, objects, etc. You can be as creative as you want, the only thing stopping them is their imagination. Some are just so darn cute, you want to just give them a hug! But don’t because you may be surprised on how they react.
Image result for pictures of japanese street style looks
Growing up these days isn’t any easier than it was back in the 60’s, in fact, I think it’s a lot harder. Teenagers are constantly being pressured from all areas of their life. To do well in school, plan for college, to be accepted, through social media, to get a career, and everyday peer pressure, etc. I for one, would not want to go back to my teen years. All those memories are fine, and I love most of them, but there are quite a few experiences that I could have done without. Most of those being related to drugs and alcohol. I can remember smoking a joint, and not having to worry about it being too strong, not like now. The drugs now are so much more potent, I worry for this generation and the next ones. No, I couldn’t imagine being a teen ever again. I’m glad to be where I am now in my life, even with arthritis in my knees! But, I do wish that I had kept a picture of me when I was 21 and had green hair. It wasn’t even a nice green, it was more like The Joker from the Batman movie’s green. It wasn’t pretty, but I thought that I was so cool then. But it was nothing as cool as these girls! Not even close.
But if there is such a thing as reincarnation, and I’m on the fence about that subject, but in case there is, I’d like to put in my request right now to come back as a very cute Japanese street style girl, with lots of bows in my long pink colored hair, and a little bunny purse. Seriously? These girls got it going on!
Enjoy your day. And just for the fun of it, try and wear something a little on the funky side. Or put some purple colored streaks in you hair, just because. For me, today I put on my regular old work clothes, but I went with socks from the popular game, Clash of Clans, and they have the bombers on them. If you play the game, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So see? We can all try and have a little bit of fun with our individual style, big or small. You are never to old to try something new!
Maybe no one else can see my socks, but I know that they are there, and just knowing this, makes me happy. That’s what life is about, do what makes you happy!!

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