Why I’m Thinking Of Quitting Facebook

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Like a lot of people, I’ve had a love and hate relationship with Facebook. It’s connected me with people that are already in my life, such as co-workers, family, and friends, but it’s also been good at connecting me to others that I would never had met otherwise, and some of those people have been really great! But there’s things about Facebook that I just don’t enjoy any longer, and so it’s a daily struggle with myself if I really want to continue using the app.

For starters, it’s been really good to connect with people that have similar interest. I’ve met other knitters, people that like to bead, plant lovers, authors, etc. I’m able to be friends with people around the world, and it’s often been very interesting. But then, I’ve met some very, well, let’s just say “strange” people on Facebook. If you use Facebook, do you have people that you’ve blocked? Well, I have over 1100 that I’ve blocked, no kidding! And that’s a lot, but it’s just the way it is, and the blocking feature is still one of my favorite things about Facebook.  The fact that you can also unblock is good too, but I don’t really use that feature. (Once they are blocked, it’s pretty much a done deal!)

But just like real life, even if you become friends with a nice person, there’s still that chance that you’ll meet some “jerk”, on the comments feeds. Now, that happens all the time. Some people think that it’s only to go hog crazy with negative comments about things, and don’t really care about other’s feelings. I find that there are times when it’s just best to just “like” a comment, or just to ignore it, because I’m afraid if I say the wrong thing, that someone will attack me, and I just want to avoid that.

I constantly see profiles where people have thousands of “friends”. Thousands! I think at one time, I had a little over 200 friends, and I couldn’t handle it! Looking at pictures, liking their pictures, comments, making comments, answering comments, etc. I’d go onto Facebook, and I’d spend most of my time just liking comments!! That could take up to 40 minutes, and I’d hadn’t even posted my own stuff yet! I’ve seen weeded out that “friends” list, and I keep it at a much lower number, one that I can manage without the stress. It’s okay folks, to just have acquaintances!

Generally, I only go on Facebook now to check on a few people that I really like seeing how they are doing. That list is probably around 10, maybe 12 people. Those are the ones that I consider really “friends”, and not just casual acquaintances. I hardly go there as much as before, and it’s really just because I don’t have the time. Facebooking takes a lot of time, or it can, just depends on what I want to do. I used to enjoy Facebook a lot more, but it’s really starting to feel like a chore more that something that should be enjoyable. And I have enough chores already.

I’m not a Twitter person, that’s just not my thing. I do enjoy looking at instagram photos, that I like to do a few times a day. I’m watching a lot more YouTube channels, and that can take up time but I really like those. Some people are just so darn creative! I love it! Maybe that’s my problem with the Facebook application, it’s gone stale. It’s no longer exciting to me anymore. Sorry, but it’s just become boring now.

If it weren’t for those few connections that I have with a few people on Facebook, I know that I’d stop using it all together. But for now, I still use it. For how much longer, time will tell. Anyone else feel this way?




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