Current Music I’m Listening To – June

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“When I’m dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.” – quote by Freddie Mercury

Music. Who doesn’t love some type of music? We all have our personal favorites. And then as time changes and we get older, our taste in music can change as well. Like, for me, when I was much younger, the idea of listening to country music was crazy! But now, I’ve probably got just as many country tunes on my phone as well as my classic rock songs. My taste is always changing, as I constantly look for new songs, and artist to listen to. My music can be changed by my moods, by what’s going on in my life at that moment, and it can bring back memories that I’ll have forever. I cannot imagine life without music being in it, ever. Music moves you, it speaks for you, and with you. It captures us, as nothing else can.

So here are a few songs or artist that I’m currently listening to:

Image result for pictures of the singer beck Beck

“Blue Moon”, from the album Morning Phase album. I absolutely love this album. Now, I’ve been a fan of his older material as well, for example, the song “Loser”, that came out in 1994. Beck as repeatedly reinvented himself. As time passes, his lyrics have become more heartfelt, his thoughts more intimate, the music just as passionate. Here are some of the lyrics from the song, “Blue Moon”.

I’m so tired of being alone
These penitent walls are all I’ve known

The songbird calling
Across the water
Outside my silent asylum

Oh, don’t leave me on my own
Left me standing all alone


Image result for pictures of the singer Peter Frampton Peter Frampton

Yes, I was one of those girls that was “in love” with the young Peter Frampton. His wavy long blonde hair, that cute smile, his open shirts whenever he performed. And I’m still enjoying the song, “Show me The Way”. I’m also listening to his more current stuff, the instrumental songs that he does are really quality stuff! Peter Frampton is a true talent.
Well, I can see no reason
You’re living on your nerves
When someone drops a cup, and I submerge
I’m swimming in a circle
I feel I’m going down
There has to be a fool to play my part

Someone thought of healing
But all I really want to know

Oh, won’t you show me the way
I want you to show me the way
I want you day after day, yeah


Related image Keith Urban

The handsome, eye candy and then some, country singer Keith Urban. Easy on the eyes, and wonderful on the ears too. I’ve got a lot of his music on my phone, so it’s hard to choice from, but I keep going back to the song, “You’ll Think of Me”, always brings a smile to my face whenever I’m listening to it. Here’s some of the lyrics.

I woke up early this morning around 4am
With the moon shining bright
As headlights on the interstate
I pulled the covers over my head
And tried to catch some sleep
But thoughts of us kept keeping me awake
Ever since you found yourself in someone else’s arms
I’ve been trying my best to get along
But that’s OK
There’s nothing left to say, but

Take your records, take your freedom
Take your memories, I don’t need them
Take your space and take your reasons
But you’ll think of me
And take your cap and leave my sweater
Cause we have nothing left to weather
In fact I’ll feel a whole lot better
But you’ll think of me, you’ll think of me


Image result for pictures of the singer Richard Marx Richard Marx

Yes, do you remember listening to him too? Remember the song, “Hold On to The Nights”, and what about, “Endless Summer Nights”? Well, hang on folks, because Richard Marx is STILL, playing great music. And look at him, right? Still hot! Still sounds great. I just recently downloaded some of his latest songs, and I’m really happy with them too. I’m stuck on the song, “Beautiful Goodbye”. Besides being a great song, the video is fantastic! Here’s some of the lyrics to the song.

Baby don’t you look so sad you know we have
Something that should only ever make you smile
It’s not like it was something we were looking for we were sliding doors
It’s what it is it doesn’t need to be defined
No regrets, come to bed
I’ll set all your worries free
Come with me, it’s what you need
Shut your mouth just let it be
Just let it go and let it be
Ooh, everything is meant to be a memory
Ooh, so one last time do anything you want with me
And I promise I will leave you
With a beautiful goodbye
Other artist that I’m listening to right now are, Shakira, Prince, Joy Division (amazing still!), Parliament, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Alice in Chains, and Brad Paisley.
I hope that your day has some good memories, good times, and some good music in the background. What are you listening to?









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