The Problems with Trusting a Psychic

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“If it’s the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?” –                                   quote by Robin Williams

I’ve yet to meet a psychic that is “real”. Not to say that there aren’t any real ones out there, but, my personal experience has been that all they wanted was my money honey!

There was a time, many moons ago, that I wasn’t myself. I was going through a terrible break-up. I felt that I couldn’t go on without this person in my life. I wasn’t myself, and I needed help. So, in desperation, I turned to the Psychic Network, and lost myself and my money, for nothing but false information and lies. It was bad. I was calling all the time, and sometimes three times a day. I was pouring my soul out to strangers that really couldn’t help me with trying to “see the future”. But at least they would listen to me, for $3 a minute. Looking back at this now, I spent way too much money for advice that I already knew, or didn’t want to believe. Those were very expensive tears that I cried.

You would have thought that I would have learned my lesson, right? HA!

Since then, I’ve wasted my hard earned money two more times within the last few years. And both times, the “psychic”, told me that they could clean my negative energy for an additional amount of money. One wanted $200, and the other wanted $400. The cheaper one that was asking for the $200 extra, said that she would take two white candles and go into a room and pray for me for about two hours. I must have been wearing my “I’m a complete stupid asshole” look, for her to think that I was going to allow her to take that much advantage of me. Really. I walked out of there with my friend, and we just laughed about it over drinks. The other “psychic”, the one that wanted $400 more, said that she would pray for me overnight, and that by the morning I’d be feeling better. I felt better just walking out of there with my $400 dollars still in my bank account!

So, who’s crazier? The person that says that they are a psychic, just because they have a shop with a Buddha, some crystals, tarot cards, exotic looking fabrics and pillow, and a big out sign that reads “PSYCHIC”? Or me, who goes into their little shop, looking for answers to things that I probably already know the answers to? I’m gonna say, I’m crazier.

Now, I do think that there could be real psychic’s out there, but I haven’t found one yet. I’ve met some nice people just randomly that appear to be a bit psychic, but then I think that each of us are a little bit psychic in our own way. My mother-in law and I went to see a psychic a few years ago, and that was a total bust, but we had a good laugh out of it.

Here’s some of the silly things that I’ve been told by psychics:

  1. You’re going to have a child soon. Huh? I’m WAY past that part of my life! If I had a baby now, it would truly be a miracle. I don’t even get periods any more.
  2. You’re ex husband is trying to contact you again. I’ve only been married once, and that’s my current husband. If there’s an ex husband, then he’s been hiding for years. Can’t say I’d blame him either.
  3. You’re going to inherit a lot of money. Well, I’m still waiting for that one while I’m working 5 days a week. Maybe it was themselves that they were thinking about!

There are always going to be people that will take advantage of others, that’s just the way it is. Especially if they see that you’r hurting, desperate, in need of a friend. Sadly, some people depend on these type of people so they can rip them off when they are the most vulnerable.

These days, when I’m feeling a little lost, I turn to myself for answers. I sometimes turn to the Bible, which I find can be very comforting. I watch therapist on YouTube, or talk to my mom. Mom can help out, and who can be more honest than a girls momma? Even if she tells you something that you don’t want to hear, at least your mom will hug you afterwards and tell you that she loves you no matter what. (thanks mom)

I usual have the answers within myself. I may not like them, but they are there. If you have a BFF that you can turn to, then you’re lucky in that way too.

No more phony psychic’s for this gal. I’ll spend my money on other things, like books, lunches, or a good massage. A really good massage can make everything look brighter. And after all, that’s all I’m really looking for in the end. To feel better, to think more clearer, and to be happier. No one can really make you happy more so that yourself. Being happy really is an inside job.




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