Gwen Stefani Las Vegas Show !

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“My songs are basically my diaries. Some of my best songwriting has come out of time when I’ve been going through a personal nightmare.” – quote by Gwen Stefani

Well, I’m a happy camper! Because just this past weekend I was a lucky gal and saw one of my favorite performers, Gwen Stefani, live at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. And what a show it was too! It was so visual, the props were adorable, the dancers were great, and she looked fantastic! It would have been almost perfect, except that somewhere in the middle and towards the end of the show, there was a bit of a sound problem, but it wasn’t horrible. I only wished that she would have done more of her latest stuff, but she stuck to the favorites, some No Doubt songs, and all of the songs were fantastic!  The stage appearance changes with every song and I LOVED IT! I really, really loved all of it. There were parts that were filmed of her talking to the audience, showing rare pictures of her as a young girl, her family, she was talking as if taking directly to each and every one of us, and it was beautiful. But the images that they used of her, breathtaking. All of her outfits were Vegas approved, sexy and playful, all of them! Hands down, one hell of a show. I wouldn’t mind see it again. And again.

Gwen’s come a long way from No Doubts album, “Tragic Kingdom, from 1995. I’ve been listening to her ever since then, and I’ve been blessed with seeing them perform at least half a dozen times now. When she decided to also have a solo career, I was happy, but I also didn’t want to see the end of NO Doubt as a group. Thankfully, that did not happen. But, like so many others before her, Gwen has shown the world that she is powerful as a solo artist, and has a magical presents about her that compares to no one else. She keeps her fans interested, engaged, and she touches everyone with her lyrics. You feel, what she feels. It’s unreal how much love she puts into everything with all her heart.


This image is from the Las Vegas show. One of my favorite outfits that she wore too. Image result for pictures of gwen stefani vegas show


Look at those shoes!  XOXOXOXOX !Image result for pictures of gwen stefani vegas show

Now, we stayed at the hotel, New York, New York, and it wasn’t a bad walk to the Planet Hollywood Hotel, but it was hot (105 during the day). I think that Planet Hollywood Hotel would have been alright to stay at, but I prefer other hotels in Vegas.

I did get a t-shirt from the concert, it was about $45 dollars, and it’s just one of the plainer ones, with her name on the front, and the classic picture of an orange and some more writing on the back. It’s perfect for me, but there were other t-shirts that had her face on them, but not for me. They were cute thought. The inside wasn’t too big, and I don’t feel that there is a bad seat in the house. Our seats were in the center, and perfect. We could see everything, but really, I think any seat would be good.

One last thing, but it’s not a huge deal. We were sitting next to a couple that was probably in their early twenties, and before the show even started, and everyone was finding their way to their seats, the guy said to his date, “there’s a lot of old people here”.  What? What? It’s Vegas honey, so take that baby’s pacifier out of your mouth, and wake the hell up! Do the math. It’s been over 22 years since “Tragic Kingdom” first came out. So, if someone was a No Doubt fan at the ripe age of say, 25 years old or more, then they are now somewhere in their mid to late forties. And, it’s a Vegas show! That means there are some locals that want to go to see a new show, and they may be older! Gwen is in her late forties now too! I know, she still looks amazing, but she’s not in her twenties any more either. And, God willing, that young man that said that silly comment, will someday also be older too, and still going to concerts. And for me, I like seeing all ages at a concert. Music is universal, and it reaches EVERYONE!

Heck, this old gal was standing, singing her heart out, and yes, slightly jumping when it felt right! I mean, come on! How could I not?

Hopefully, the love of seeing your favorite performers will never die, and as long as someone is able to get up and go to a concert, then I hope that nothing will stop you from doing it, or anything else for that matter! And if you can, go see Gwen Stefani’s Vegas show. You’ll have a blast!

Image result for pictures of gwen stefani





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