Real Books vs The Kindle

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“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.” –

quote by Stephen Fry

I am a reader. I love losing myself in a great book. I’ve purchased books from many places, Barnes and Noble, garage sales, thrift stores, Amazon, and sometimes a co-worker will leave a book in the lunch room for anyone to take and read. Right now, I’ve got a pile of books in just about every room in my house, except the bathroom! Books are everywhere! And it makes me happy too! But having “real” books aren’t the only way I read.

A few years ago, my husband got me my first Kindle.

I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of having one at first, and I didn’t think that I’d like to read books that way, but here I am, years later, and I’ve got at least 30 ebooks right now on my 2nd Kindle. (The first one broke after dropping it many times). Technology has won me over once again, just like it did with the iphone. (and I hated giving up my little green flip-phone, but some bastard broke into my car and took it) But, unlike the technology that killed cassette tapes, and music CD’s, printed books are still around. They are still in the war, and aren’t going away without a fight.

That said, when’s the last time you or someone you know, went to a library to get a book? I can’t remember when was the last time that I walked into one, much less “checked out” a library book. I think the last time was when I heard that they were having a yearly book sale, but other than that, I just don’t use them as I did as a young girl. There is a library about 10 mins from where I live, and I see mothers taking their kids there, but their parking lot is never filled. It’s a little sad, but not unexpected.

How long can printed books continue to be around?

When I got my first iphone, it took me awhile to get used to it, as I expected. But once I downloaded the Amazon app, I was very pleased to see that I could download books to my phone. At first, I thought that the screen would be too small, but I got used to that right away. And like the Kindle reader, having books on my phone is very convenient. So now I’ve got books scattered all over my home, I’ve got books on my Kindle and on my phone! Who else can relate to this?

So, is one way to read a book, better than the other?

That all depends on the individual. I’ve spoken with friends that have said that they will never give up holding a book in their hands, and that they would never want to even try reading on a Kindle, no matter how much I’ve tried to talk to them about how great it is. Then, there are those that like the freedom from clutter that having a Kindle can give them. Having 50 books on a Kindle is much easier than having 50 books lying around I guess. I haven’t really spoken with anyone else that likes to read books on their phones like I do, but I’m sure that they are out there somewhere.

I still love walking into a bookstore, especially the mom and pop stores. There’s just something comfortable about being in a bookstore, looking at books, accessories that goes with reading a book, and being able to touch them, and maybe having a cup of coffee while searching for your next good book. Recently, while I was in Portland, Oregon, I went into Powell’s City of Books, and I was blown away with just the massive size of it all! Thousands and thousands of books! And the store was packed with visitors like myself, and locals as well. And, while I did enjoy being there in all the craziness of other book lovers, I still thought to myself, if I wanted a book, that I’d go and find it on Amazon and have it sent to my phone. Why not? Or wait to see if I could find a book cheaper at a thrift store. (Thrift stores usually have books for way cheaper than most places, and I’ve gotten many books for a dollar or two, and that’s for a hardback book).

There are advantages to both the digital books and the printed books. Ebooks don’t take up space in your home, while some books look really pretty on a book shelve.  If you are a collector of art, you may want to have the physical book on your coffee table. I’ve read that there are some people that think if you read a physical book that there is better retention than reading a digital book, but I don’t believe that. Whatever your type of book that you enjoy reading, if you are really into it, it’ll stay with you, or parts of it will. Either way, as long as people are reading, that’s the best thing!

I cannot imagine my life without books. Books, cats, and my hobbies.

Let me get back to reading now, on my Kindle, while the day still allows. Then, when I get home, there’s a printed book waiting for me. That, and a nice glass of wine!






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