Things About People I Do Not Like

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It has just been “one of those days”, where it seems that some people are being a little bit “extra” jerkie today. Is that a word? If not, I don’t care. I’m surrounding by jerkie people today. and it kinds of sucks. If only people would realize that being pushy or bossy is not the way to get things done! It’s often hard to try and explain to someone that is used to getting their way, that their way may not be the best way to do things. Instead of trying to hear your side of things, they just keep wanting to do something their way. and it never gets resolved. But dealing with hard-headed people can be very draining.

Which got me thinking today, what are some characteristics of people that I myself, do not like to deal with. Here they are, and maybe some of you can relate to a few of them as well.

  1. Bossy people. I don’t care who they are, if it’s a supervisor, boss, family member, or just a guy at the local gas station. Bossy people suck! Why not try and be nice to someone? Why do some people think that they can just snap their fingers and that you’ll jump 10 feet in the air? Not this gal. Nope.

2. People that talk too much. You know the type, we all do. You say “Hello” to them, and they not only say Hello, but they go on, and on, and on, with things that don’t even concern you! And not matter how much you try and get them to stop talking, it just doesn’t work. You can turn your back on them, pick up your phone and pretend to look at texts, that still doesn’t work. Or you ask a question, but the answer takes 12 hours to explain it to you, when in reality it only needed to be a few minutes.

3. Two faced people. These are everywhere, at work, at department stores, your so-called best friends, etc. I sometimes get into trouble for being too up front, but I’d rather be that way that two faced. I’ve had some really good bosses in the past, but I’ve also had two faced ones that just cannot be trusted. But what’s really funny is that they think that you don’t know when they are lying to you! That’s the funny part. Most people can see this type of person coming from miles away. They are a waste of my time and energy. For me, it’s usually only a matter of time before this type of person is out of my life.

4. Entitlement. There are certain people that feel entitled, and expect everyone around them to treat them a certain way. I laugh at these types! The only thing that I feel they are entitled to is a hard wake up call! Even if you’re dealing with this type of person because of work, they can still try and be nice when speaking to you. People are not doormats. Why are your feelings more important than mine?

5. People that don’t like animals. Now, this is just a personal thing because I really like animals. I just can’t trust someone that tells me that the don’t like dogs or cats, etc. I just don’t understand this at all. They are so loving and trustworthy, sometimes more than humans. Sorry, but if you don’t like animals, then I probably won’t like you either.

That’s my short list for now. I’m sure that it could have been longer, but why focus on the negative? Let’s try and not thing about these any longer!

I’m moving on from it. I’ll try hard to just continue to be happy, not let anyone steal my joy, and go home and hug my husband and my cats. Home is always where the heart is!



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