Types Of Jobs I’ve Had…OMG!

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I’ve been thinking today of ALL the different types of jobs that I’ve had over the years, and they have been from one side, to the other, ranging from office secretary, data entry, travel agent assistant, receptionist, cat sitter, personal assistant, etc. Most of them have been good, some more fun than others, and some have been just awful, AWFUL! But when your a young, peppy twenty-something year old, it doesn’t really matter too much what you’re doing, as long as your getting that paycheck. I was no different at that age, trust me.

I had my first job when I was 14 years old. I lied to them, told them that I was 16 years old, and they hired me on the spot. I’ve been working ever since then, and so it’s been a long time. I’ve never been a lazy gal, I’ve always wanted to stay busy, and I like helping others, which includes my co-workers. Although, I’ve made some bad decisions as far as far as the type of jobs I’ve taken, but who hasn’t? So here’s a list of some of the jobs that I’ve had, and I sure that some of you will be able to relate to them too! In no particular order. (sigh, old memories!)

Men’s Ties – Bar tab sewer: Yes, this is true. I had just left another job, and I needed to find a job asap. So, I found this job in the newspaper, and when I got there I was a little scared at first. It was in downtown Los Angeles, and the outside of the building was ugly, and looked like it was closed, but it wasn’t. There wasn’t even a sign outside. Turned out that this was one of those low-paying, factory type jobs. Inside, there was a very large room, no air-conditioning, no windows, and several large tables with chairs. There must have been about thirty women in there, and all were doing the same thing. Sewing ties, or like me, only sewing on the back those tiny little bar tabs, as in the above picture. Yup. It was my job to sew at a minimum, 500 of those or more, during my shift. I did nothing else here for three months, and then I quit. I remember sweating inside there, day after day. Most of the women there didn’t speak English, so it was hard to talk to anyone. When I left, I actually felt bad for the ones that were still there. Count this as one of those jobs that I did not like, and were happy to leave it behind me.

Image result for pictures of winchells donut house Winchell’s Donut House

This was my first job ever, the one where I was 14 years old. They hired me to be a cashier, which was good, but what I really liked was filling the jelly donuts! I was only here on the weekends, but it helped me to buy my own school clothes. I think my first check was only about $31 dollars! And I took home donuts at the end of every shift, which my mom was happy about too. I was only here about four months, but this was a fun job. I did meet my first “real” boyfriend here, he was 21 years old, and would come and sit inside the store, and kept me company while drinking a lot of cold free coffee.

Image result for The World Theatre in Los Angeles The Cinerama Dome Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Again, I was a cashier here, but they also had me as a ticket holder, and used me wherever I was needed. So I swept the carpets, stocked the food items, and helped people to their seats.  I worked for the Dome, and also The World Theater, and The Pacific Theater, all of them in Hollywood, California. They were all fun jobs, and I met some really interesting people, some movie stars, and some really strange people too. I worked for Pacific Theaters for a period of about 3 years all together, I think.

Image result for Altour travel in los angeles calif Altour, Los Angeles, CA.

This is a travel agency, was one of the largest at the time, and I was with them for 5 years. I was the assistant to the Director of Corporate services, which basically means, I was the girl who did whatever she was told to do. We worked on the hiring of all travel agents for over 30 locations, worldwide. Basically, we were the ones that made sure offices were up and running from start to finish. This would have been a great job, except my direct boss was a cold-hearted bitch that I really did not like. I’m surprised that I stayed there as her assistant for as long as I did.

Image result for pictures of 17555 ventura blvd in encino ca Singer Properties, Encino, CA.

This was a dream job, in the sense that it was hardly busy, only five minutes from my home, and Maxine Singer, the owner of the building, was one of the best bosses that I’ve ever had. I was her receptionist for Executive Suites, and I loved it here. Sure, it was sometimes boring, there wasn’t too many tenants to assist, but I was able to write my first book while working here , which was very nice. My work area was huge, and although my boss only came into the office to pick up her mail and then leave, she loved to decorate for the holidays, so the office was always very festive. I stayed here for about two years, up until she sold the building. I hope that she’s very happy traveling, and spending time with her family.

Image result for pictures of century park east the street Total Financial Ins. Company

This was a life insurance company that was located in Century City, California. I worked here for about three years, and was one of my highest paying jobs for that time. I was very young, and made a lot of money here. They paid well, but expected you to work for it too. I learned a lot about insurance, and about life for that matter. I often worked 12-15 hour days, and at first, I loved it. I loved the money. But after awhile, it was too much for me. I got burnt out. Everyone here worked their asses off, but I needed a break. I think they went out of business, or changed ownership since then.

Image result for pictures of pennoyer dodge company Pennoyer-Dodge Co.

Another good job that I worked at, located in the valley. I worked here for about 7 years as their Special Tooling Secretary. This was a good place to work, and my direct boss, who was also the owner of the company, Robert Dodge, was a great boss. I did everything from typing quotations, to taking calls, filing, ordered supplies, and all other office duties. This is not a fancy office, but it was functional. They manufacture gages, mostly for the military. It’s still there, same location.

Image result for pictures jewel making Self employed Jewelry Maker

This was fun, and expensive, and time consuming. I did this for almost two and a half years. Going to different flea markets, selling online, etc. I got into this because I had gone through thyroid cancer, and was home for three months, with nothing to do, so somehow I got involved with making jewelry, and it went from there. Sure, it’s fun. And you learn to make gifts for your family and friends, but when it’s time to go to a show, you have to have at least about 500 pieces of jewelry to have for display. That takes time. I even had my husband helping me with making the jewelry, and he helped with every show that I went to, and shopped for beads with me, etc. I had a friend of mine also get interested in this, and we worked together, but after awhile, this just didn’t work out for any one. I still, STILL, have some of the beading supplies in my bedroom.

I think that’s enough history of a few jobs that I’ve had, and looking back at them, they were all fine, pretty much. Well, except that tie sewing place. UGH!

I hope that at this point of my life, that changing jobs will just about be over and done with. I’m pretty sure that where I’m working now, will not be my last job, but hopefully, hopefully, I won’t have too many more new jobs afterwards. It’s not easy to go out there and look for something new, so much competition these days. Just thinking about it makes me a little sad, but it’s all good.

I hope that if you are someone that has the perfect job, enjoys what you’re doing, that it will bring you much happiness. If you are still looking for a job, I hope you’ll find something that will make you happy, if only for a short while. Don’t be afraid to try something new!




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