People That Feel Entitled…NOT!


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I don’t know why it still surprises me whenever people act like they are the only ones that matter, but it does. In fact, it often still bothers me too. I just wonder, how some people feel that they are more important that others, and that they should have special privileges that others do not have. But, are they to blame, or was it due to their upbringing? Does society play a role in this as well? How does someone get an entitlement mentality?

Take for example, something that happened at work the other day. There was a resident that wanted to go to the dining room for their lunch. She called, asking for a caregiver to assist her. Well, due to my company letting go of people, there is currently a shortage of staff. So sometimes, people, the residents, have to wait a little bit longer for a caregiver to come and help them. About five minutes had passed, and this person called back again, practically screaming that they had been waiting for a whopping ten minutes! I tried to tell them that it wasn’t ten minutes, it was in fact only five minutes, and that someone would be with them as soon as possible. They screamed at me, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! I AM PRIVILEGED!” 

I did not appreciate them speaking to me like that, and sorry, but this person isn’t more important than any of my other residents. And maybe now, even a little less important.

So, I told this person, in a relaxed, calming voice, “Excuse me, but first, let me say, you are NOT more important that anyone else here. Everyone here is just as special as the next one. So please, do not shout at me that you are privileged. That’s just not true.” This person did not like my reply, but I didn’t care. It’s the truth. They stopped yelling, and asked for help, but in a much calmer and lower tone.

Where I work, there are a few people that think that they are much more important that other people. Well, maybe they came from a place of high wealth, or they are used to being treated as royalty, but here everyone is to be treated equal. As least that’s what I think. Sure, there are some that need more attention due to the fact that they may be more assistant, such as with bathing, feeding, things like that. To me, those are more important that someone that just wants someone to come and change the t.v. channels for them, something like that can wait a little bit. Not to mention, if there is a medical emergency, like someone falls, that would take priority over everything else. As it well should too.

I feel that there is too much of this going around these days, people that feel entitled. What happened to helping out each other? Looking out for your neighbors? Being kind?

Has God placed me here, to learn how to be more patience with difficult people? If that’s the case, trust me, I’m learning and it’s far from being easy!

We should all try and show respect to anyone that we come into contact with, especially those that we work with or for on a daily basis. It just makes for an easier day!

Now, it’s my job to be kind to everyone that I work with, especially the residents. But when I get one that’s hot tempered, cussing at me, and thinks that they are more important that anyone else, that makes my job very hard to do, and there are some days where I just have to bite my tongue from telling them what I’m really thinking. Not to mention that when someone talks down to you, or yells at you for no good reason, it doesn’t make me want to help you! Just the opposite. I understand that we all want what we want, when we want it, but there’s some things that just have to take a back seat every once in awhile. There are some things that are just not that important, and there are some that are more in a real need for attention, or help, then someone that just wants a daily activities sheet. I’m reminded of this, everyday that I’m driving into work, and see homeless people sleeping on the streets. Those are people in a really need of our help, all of us.

The only thing that each one of us is entitled to, is respect..and love. If we only showed more love and respect to each other. What a difference that would make.




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