Things To Reflect On…Mid Year

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“Hope, but never expect. Look forward, but never wait.”

It’s already August, can you believe it? Where has the year gone? The years are flying by faster than I know, or want them to! I’ve seen catalogs in my mail that are advertising for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and I bet by next week, Christmas catalogs will be next! Christmas is only five months away. SO, I was thinking, where has this year gone? What have I’ve learned in the past several months? Anything interesting?

What questions do I have for myself?

  1. Have I added any value to someone else’s life? I like to always try and help people with things, even if it’s a small thing. It could be as simple as covering a co-worker for a requested day off. Bringing someone flowers for no reason. I’d liked to volunteer at an animal shelter, it’s not too late for that. I like assisting people or animals that need help. I hope that by giving kindness it’ll provide value to their lives, as well as my own.
  2. Who are the people that have given me joy so far this year? I’m trying to reflex only on the positive here, as we all know, it sometimes easier to look at just the negative. I’m grateful for my husband, who is not only my partner, but gives me a lot of joy by making me laugh everyday. I love my oldest and closest friend Cindy, who’s friendship and conversations I look forward to daily. My cats are a great joy in my life too. Going home everyday, seeing their little faces, warms my heart.
  3. Did I have any major accomplishments so far? Well, I guess not really. Keeping my job maybe? (ha ha ha). There are a few projects that I’m working on, and if I could finish them before the end of this year, great. But if not, no worries.
  4. Did I get to travel and see knew places? Yes! We went to Oregon, and I loved it! When I was younger, I didn’t go much of anywhere, but as I get older, I’m in love with traveling! It’s so enlightening to experience new places and people. There’s only five months left, but that’s plenty of time to make plans for the next year.
  5. Where have I been the happiest so far? That’s easy, being at home. I’m at ease with I’m surrounded by things and people that I love and cherish. But I’m also happy when I’m at work, on most days. And I’m happy whenever I am, and I’ve feeling healthy, and not stressed out.
  6. Am I growing as a person, for the better? Yes. I’ve seen my own changes, and I’m happy with them. I’ve still got a long way to go but I’ve grown up, and I try and put others feelings before my own. I still feel that I could be a better wife, daughter, and sister. I could always be better.
  7. What am I looking forward to for the last few month? Greater understanding of myself. Keep trying to reach some personal goals. Spending quality time with family. More meditation. Making good memories with those that I care about.

I know that we all spend so much time working, but it’s good to take time to reflect on the past, see what needs to be changed, or to just appreciated. I know, there’s always next year, but what is there isn’t?

So now, it’s time to get those Halloween decorations and Christmas gifts started!!!



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